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In my previous article, I did mention that Maizbhandar creates the space and ambience for all the World Religions to come together and unify in one gigantic melting pot. After another discussion with a Professor of mine (who has a sound knowledge on Maizbhandar) I got to get the scoop on something else that grabbed my attention; as in why do people from various Religions go to Maizbhandar? My point is that normally when people go to Shrines and places like these it’s in most cases for the purpose of conversion. As per what I got to know, Maizbhandar has a different way of thinking; it’s ideology doesn’t want people to convert, rather it’s wants to get you closer to God, The Creator, The One behind this whole Intelligent Design.

Maizbhandar Ideology believes that no matter what Religion you are, you can go and offer prayer in any other Church, Mosque, Shrine or Temple; you do not necessarily have to be of that Religion to go and offer prayer there, you can just go if you wish. And the whole logic behind this is that when you go to offer prayers in Churches or Mosques and feel the presence of God, it means that you prayers have been heard or acknowledged or approved.

People from various Religions go there but conversions don’t take place, because from the Maizbhandar point of view Religion is there to maintain order in society but it’s not the only way to reach God. Can you imagine a society without Religion, people would go bonkers! It’s a combination of a good understanding of Religion and Spirituality that one may understand the Nature of God. Since Spirituality is more universal, not matter what Religious differences, people would learn to unify and hence there would be less conflict in the name of Religion.


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Bangladesh is a country best described as a mixed bag of nuts. Not ”nuts” in the wacky sense though. Nuts in the sense you know, you will get the cashews, almonds, peanuts, etc etc.

Well ”Maizbhandar” is not just any place, it’s a place that allows your spiritual self to grow. Although some people might get a bit of a shock at first.

Maizbhandar is located in Fatikchori which is 25 miles away from Chittagong city. The term itself justifies its significance; the word ”Maiz” stands for middle and ”Bhandar” means repository. It sits in the lower valley of the Chittagong Hill Tracts and is surrounded by Halda River. 

Maizbhandar has become a symbol of composite culture and consists of a mixed ethnic population and is the melting pot of the World Religions.

Hazrat Ahmed Ullah (1826-1906), the 37th descendant of Prophet Muhammad (s) is the founder of Maizbhandar. Interestingly, Hazrat Ahmed Ullah’s birth was predicted by the great Spanish Saint Mohiuddin Ibne Arabi (1165-1240) in his classical book ‘Fusus al-Hikam’ . The great grandson of Ahmed Ullah, Ziual Huq(19…- 1988) carried the spiritual gift and tradition to maintainthe spiritual connectivity with the origin. Now Shayak Syed Muhammad Hasan(m) is the heir of this spiritual legacy.

The whole essence of the Maizbhandar Philosophy is Universal Humanity and Love. Humanity and Love brings fortha connectivity between the Creator and the Creation which in turn gives birth to conscientious, diligent individuals that will take care of society and nature. This Spirituality creates a space and ambience to accommodate different cultures, customs, creeds, nations and not to forget religions.

Maizbhandar’s philosophy, to give a complete shape to Shahada and Ibadah, has further developed ”seven methods” that will enable devotees to attain a higher level of Gnosis to articulate greater and higher wisdom and knowledge of spiritual truth and reality.

Maizbhandari philosophy to actualize the path of Prophet Muhammad (s) evolves around a practice that triangulates Zikr (remembrance) rituals set by Hazrat Abdul Kader Jillani; Music and Dance, an inspiration from Hazrat Khwaza Moinuddin Chisti; and nuturing the universal law of nature to sustain ecology which is embedded in the wisdom of the Qu’ranic Prophet Khizir (s).

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