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~Destiny, Fate~

‘Nowhere you can be that isn’t where you’re meant to be’ John Lennon, Paul McCartney

Destiny, Fate, whatever u may call it all relate to the idea that what happens to us in this life is predetermined and inescapble. Depending on your point of view it would be sad to think that we are mere robots who are unable to deviate one iota from our fixed pathway. If we have no Will, we as individuals do not really exist.

We come across numerous occasions each day where we are called upon to make ‘decisions’. The problem is that as mortals, time appears as ever flowing and unidirectional. So once we’ve made a descision and acted upon it, it seems that things couldn’t have turned out any other way. Even if we are captains of our own ships we still have no control over the forces of Nature or other ships we share the oceans with. Not that we don’t have Free Will, we do , but it’s a limited freedom. We can make choices, but those choices operate against a backdrop of circumstance over which we are powerless. And it is these externalities which we call destiny or fate.

Providence is the idea that God, or Spirit, will somehow take care of our earthly needs. It is surprising how often in troubled times the solution unexpectedly appears. This is evidence that we are part of some greater, mostly unperceived, reality; an intelligent design.

 But we should not use providence as an excuse to renounce responsibility otherwise we obviate the need for our earthly existence. We must still use our Will to the best of our ability and sometimes fate will lend a helping hand. (more…)


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